Apex Wireless – a 33 year legacy

Founded by Andrew Westlund, CEO of Apex Wireless

Apex Wireless is the flagship company of Westlund Group of Companies and was founded in 1989 by Andrew Westlund. Our head office is located in Langley, BC with over 6 retail stores and 40 employees across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

We don’t have a mission statement, we just do good work.

At the core of Apex’s brand experience is our attention to detail and prioritizing the needs of our customers and business network. We believe good people do good work, which is why Apex continues to be an avid recruiter for top sales talent across Canada.

Powerful Technology for your home and business

At Apex we take pride in always having the latest innovative technology solutions for our customers home and business needs. As an authorized TELUS Dealer we leverage Canada’s top mobility network with personalized relationships and a local shopping experience.

Our Story

Apex Wireless has been helping connect people and business’s for over 32 years.

1989 ..... 1993 ..... 2000 ..... 2001 ..... 2002 ..... 2009 ..... 2011 ..... 2019

Apex Wireless is Founded

Apex Wireless was originally founded as Apex Communications by Andrew Westlund in Burnaby, BC.

#1 Dealer in BC

Apex becomes the #1 dealer in BC out of 250 other dealers.

The “Mike” Phone

TELUS acquires Clearnet, allowing Apex to sell what is known to be the “Mike” phone. Apex also hires several guys named Mike to help move more boxes.

Joel MacDonald Joins Apex

Apex makes arguably their best hire ever, bringing a young , bushy eyed Joel MacDonald to their North Vancouver team.

Chad Bennett Joins Apex

Apex makes another significant hire, also arguably their best, adding a young, slim, attractive Chad Bennett to their Surrey team. (we are aware he is still young, slim and attractive)

Opens 2 Calgary Stores

Apex expands to Oil Country opening up 2 stores in Calgary

Opens 2 Toronto Stores

Apex continues expanding across Canada opening 2 stores in Toronto. This adds some excitement to our sales calls mixing Leafs fans to the mix.

National Headquarters

Apex moves into their new National headquarters in Langley, B.C. .

Our leadership team

Andrew Westlund

Founder & CEO

Joel MacDonald


Chad Bennett

Vice President

Doug McLean


Massimo Magnante

Director, Ontario

Careers at Apex

Join the Apex legacy. Awesome people only, please.

Work for Apex