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From consumer to businesses, mobility is key to us connecting, and business success. We provide a variety of services for both.

Apex Mobility Managed Services (MMS)

Apex Wireless has a proven track record of innovation in the field of mobility management. We find many businesses we work with are limited on resources and seek help from professionals in the field. Since 1989, Apex has helped streamline the management of mobility for thousands of businesses across the country.

Apex Mobility Managed Services (MMS) integrates all 4 key aspects of mobility management into one centralized Platform as a Service (PaaS).


1. Wireless Hardware Procurement

  • Hardware consultation
  • Industry leading e-procurement portal
  • On-boarding/large scale project management

2. Carrier Expense Auditing

  • “We’ll hold the carriers accountable.”
  • Fully integrated monthly reporting with professional recommendations.
  • Cost reporting system that generates a monthly expense breakdown report.

3. Outsourced Mobility Helpdesk

  • “We can help your help desk.”
  • In-depth, well-organized ticketing system.
  • Bi-lingual with extended business hours to accommodate national users.

4. Device Hardware Management

  • “View us as an extension of your IT department.”
  • Policy design, configuration and enforcement.
  • Smartphone application to connect users to our centralized platform.
We find very few organizations today that would rate their overall management of internal wireless communications as excellent, largely because there are so many factors to consider, such as:

Are we on the best plans?


Is someone analyzing our bills regularly?


Can we accurately determine costs by department, province, or by the organization as a whole?


What security is in place?


Do we have usage policies in place?


How do we order and are there approval processes in place?


Do we have standards as far as what devices our staff can order?


Do we receive reports from our vendor on our purchases and any trends developing within our organization?


Are we aware of all the solutions or applications that would benefit our users in efficiency, time savings or productivity?

Let us introduce to you, Wireless Account Management the Apex way.



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